The goal of the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability is to effectively promote, enhance and consolidate the tertiary environmental sector with a tool, the Catalan Tertiary Environmental Sector Support Plan, which establishes a series of work areas and lines of action and measures. The first Plan, to run from 2011 to 2014, was presented in 2011; in July 2015 the 2015-2018 Support Plan was presented.

The Monitoring Committee is the stable participation forum for the roll-out of the Plan and for evaluating the implementation of the different measures and actions and measures detailed in the annual action plans.

Since its creation (5-10-2011), periodic meetings have been held to present and debate relevant actions. Every annual action plan has been debated by the Monitoring Committee prior to its approval.

Continuity was given to the Committee for the 2015-2018 Plan, with modified functions and composition. It has been turned into a permanent forum for dialogue and cooperation exclusively for institutions and the public Administration.

The Committee currently comprises 18 members, including first, second and third-tier institutional as well as public Administration representatives.