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National Council of the Children and the Teenagers of Catalonia (CNIAC)

#Tinguesveu Organ col·legiat consultatiu e de participacion infantila e adolescent dera Generalitat de Catalonha


They are spaces for stable interaction between citizens and the Administration, where you can contribute your opinions, needs, proposals and expectations.

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This is a private participation council

About this assembly

The National Council of Children and Teenagers of Catalonia (CNIAC) is the collegiate consultative and child and adolescent participation body of the Generalitat de Catalunya that represents the interests and points of view of children and teenagers in Catalonia and for their rights.

The functioning of the CNIAC is the same as that of any other collegiate body of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The CNIAC is governed by the decree of its creation: Decree 200/2013, and by the Internal Regulations elaborated and approved by the members of the National Council.

Participation (who is part of it?)

It includes children and teenagers aged 8 to 17, with the authorization of their parents, who have been chosen by the Territorial Councils of Children and Teenagers of which they are a part. Members of the Assembly who reach the age of eighteen will cease to be members at the next ordinary assembly of the CNIAC.

When a Territorial Participation Council chooses a member to participate in the CNIAC, the Council must express in writing the desire to be part of the CNIAC and each of the members it has chosen must present a signed document, with the consent of the parents or guardians, where he expresses his desire to be a member of the CNIAC and to participate actively. This is how he becomes a member of the CNIAC Assembly. Members undertake to attend all meetings to which they are called.

Map of Territorial Councils for Children and Adolescents

National Council of the Children and the Teenagers of Catalonia (CNIAC): This is a private participation council, transparent

Purpose of action

Mission (what does it want to achieve?)
  • Give children and tein Catalonia the opportunity to participate actively.
  • Improve their living conditions and child participation mechanisms for children and teenagers in Catalonia.
  • Demonstrate the capacity of children and teenagers to exercise the rights of citizenship and democratic participation, in particular.
  • Improve the social vision of children and teenagers and make their contributions to society visible
Features (how do you want to get it?)

Propose and Promote

  • Make proposals to the organizations that work for children and teenagers on issues that affect them, to improve their living conditions and the mechanisms for the participation of children and teenagers in society.
  • Propose reports, studies, initiatives and projects of national interest on aspects related to childhood and adolescence. Prioritize studies of the impact of the participation of children and teenagers, especially their democratic participation.
  • Promote the creation of Child and Adolescent Participation Councils.
  • Make proposals to promote child and adolescent associationism, the democratic participation of children and teenagers and relationships between children's organizations.
  • Propose activities, conferences, seminars and campaigns that make visible the contributions of children and teenagers to society.
  • Promote the creation of spaces and processes for participation and consultation that are suitable for children under the age of eight.

Rate and Comment

  • Assess compliance, by everyone, with the Rights of the Child approved by the United Nations, and collaborate with them
  • Evaluate and supervise projects of national scope in Catalonia or any program, proposal or initiative that affects the lives of children and teenagers.
  • Receive, energize and generate opinions and proposals among children and teenagers in Catalonia on issues that affect them and manage them before the organizations that work for children and teenagers.
  • Reflect on the mechanisms of participation in society available to children and teenagers.

Represent and Participate

  • Represent the children and teenagers of Catalonia at local, Catalan, state and international level and in other bodies of the Administration of the Generalitat.
  • Participate in child and adolescent cooperation initiatives at an international level to promote peace and the social well-being of children and teenagers.

Communicate and Disseminate

  • Disseminate the work carried out by the CNIAC, the rights of children and teenagers and their capacity for democratic participation and contribution to society.
Representation in bodies and Participation in projects

The Council is represented through its members in bodies of national scope, such as the Children's Rights Observatory, of state scope, such as the 'State Council of Child and Adolescent Participation' or of international scope, such as the Euroregional Youth Assembly (Occitanie, Balearic Islands and Catalonia).

It also organizes events of its own initiative such as the annual Congress of Children and Teenagers or the Award for Recognition of Childhood and Adolescence, or participates in projects where it is invited, such as the 'Education Dialogues 2030' project.

Internal organisation

The CNIAC is composed of the following bodies: the Assembly and the Presidency, the Vice-Presidencies, the Secretariat and the Permanent Commission, and all members of the Assembly can be chosen by the bodies of the Presidency, the Vice-Presidencies, the Secretariat and the Commission permanent


The Members of the Assembly are members of the CNIAC for a period of two years, renewable for two more years only once. This can be for a maximum period of four years.

Honorary presidency

Counselor Social Rights


The Presidency, the Vice-Presidencies and the Secretariat form the Board.

Permanent commission

It is made up of fourteen members:

  • Presidency
  • Two Vice-presidencies
  • secretariat
  • 10 Members of the Assembly

Board and Permanent Commission are elected for a period of two years, renewable for another two years if they are elected again. Every year there are elections for half of the Board and the Permanent Commission.

Working committee

They are permanent and organize the functioning of the Assembly. All CNIAC members must be part of a Working Committee:

  • Internal Communication Commission.
  • External Communication Commission.
  • Internal Regime Monitoring Commission.
  • New vowels and diffusion.

Members of the Permanent Committee who are not members of the Board coordinate the Working Committees.

Work group

They are temporary, created by the Assembly according to needs and designated by the person who coordinates it among the members of the Assembly.


It includes children and teenagers aged 8 to 17, with the authorization of their parents, who have been chosen by the Territorial Councils for children and teenagers.

The Council has the support of a technical Secretariat, which is not part of the CNIAC, but which is the body in charge of supporting the CNIAC to carry out its functions and in all aspects of its organization and operation. The Technical Secretariat is attached to and formed by professionals from the General Directorate of Child Care and Adolescence of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Area Departament de Drets Socials
Participation council type Participativa
Date created 20/11/2014
Created by Public
Duration Indefinite
Reference: II-ASSE-2023-10-121

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