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Joves i Mediterrània

Joves i clima 2020

Youth and Mediterranean

When we think of the Mediterranean region, we realize that young people are the largest demographic group and, at the same time, the one with the least opportunities with regard to essential aspects of life, such as training and employment opportunities, participation and political advocacy. This fact makes it difficult to follow a life trajectory that enables one to start a life away from the household they grew up in, associate with one’s peers and actively participate in one’s environment and transform it.

In this way, and taking advantage of the commemorations of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration, which consolidated Mediterranean relations, the government of Catalonia has decided to take government action based on the Mediterranean Strategy of Catalonia, which provides for the realization of initiatives linked to the creation of opportunities for young people, as well as accompanying the promotion of public policies favourable to this group.

In this context, a specific line of work is being opened for young people in the Mediterranean region, which we are starting this year. Its activities are climate related; specifically the work young people are leading on climate emergency in the Mediterranean. However, the intention of the government of Catalonia is that every year the theme changes based on the identification of the needs of the young population in the Mediterranean.

Youth & Climate 2020

The Mediterranean is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to the impacts of global warming, as it is warming 20% ​​faster than the global average. Recent accelerated climate change has exacerbated already existing environmental challenges and problems in the Mediterranean Basin that are caused by the combination of changes in land use, increases in pollution and biodiversity losses (MedECC, 2019). In the recent times, young people, worried about their future on a hotter planet and aware that they will have to bear a disproportionate burden of the most devastating effects of climate change, have poured into the streets in order to demand greater action to address the climate emergency. This youth-led climate movement had demonstrated to demand climate action in so many places and in such numbers around the world on a scale never seen before, shaping the discussion on climate change.

In accordance with the Government of Catalonia’s commitment to global challenges, the climate agenda in the Mediterranean and fostering young people as agents of social transformation, a large forum is being planned: the Youth and Climate in the Mediterranean+25 Virtual Forum.

Youth and Climate Forum in the Mediteranean +25

9-11 December 2020

Three-day partnership-building activity that will gather young-led organisations/entities/associations/networks from the Euro-Mediterranean region, as well as young leaders, in order to discuss, rethink and develop joint actions against climate change in the Mediterranean. 

This forum encourages north-south cooperation with the participation of 150-200 young people from both shores of the Mediterranean.

Profile of participants of the Forum: Young people, 16-30 years old, from both shores of the Mediterranean who are playing a role in the fight against Climate Change and other climate challenges in the region, acting mainly collectively as a youth-led organisation/association/entity or individually. Equal gender participation and representation from both the north and the south of the Mediterranean basin will be ensured. 

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