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La contribució de Catalunya al desenvolupament global

#ParticipaCooperació Encarem els reptes de la cooperació catalana al desenvolupament

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Barcelona international development professionals

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30 Octubre 2018
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Some time ago, the “Barcelona international development professionals” group was established using the Meetup platform, as a space where those involved in international development work and living in Barcelona or surrounding areas can commune, share, and socialize. The group’s goal is to serve as a hub for people working in areas of social justice, global health, sustainable development, international education, human rights, environment and establish a Barcelona-based network of international development professionals.

The Visió 2030 process has proposed the Barcelona international development professionals group to meet together and discuss the trends and outlook in international development, and the role that Catalan cooperation policy can play in the new context. The scene will be set with a synthetic presentation of the main features of Catalan development cooperation. The session will be in English and is open to all development professionals and interested persons also outside the Meetup group.

Departament de Polítiques Digitals i Administració Pública
Via Laietana, 26 08003 Barcelona

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